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Commercial Umbrella Insurance

  • Q: “What is a commercial umbrella policy?”
    “Commercial umbrella insurance adds an additional layer of protection to your liability by covering any costs beyond your existing liability coverage limits. Commercial umbrella insurance is a complement to your existing liability coverages, taking over when your liability coverage limits are exhausted.”
  • Q: “Do I need a Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy”?
  • Does my local Massachusetts business need a policy for commercial umbrella insurance?


Commercial Umbrella Insurance Companies


Lunova Insurance offers commercial umbrella insurance policies through these highly rated commercial umbrella providers:


What is commercial umbrella insurance?


Commercial umbrella insurance covers all costs, including legal fees, medical expenses, and damages if your company is sued.

The Lunova Insurance agency specializes in helping small and medium  businesses with commercial insurance products like commercial umbrella insurance (in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Maryland, North Carolina, Indiana, and Florida) by providing them with higher limits of protection shielding their assets and business expose to liability.

If you’re a businessowner in Massachusetts you may be interested in adding an excess liability or umbrella insurance policy to your company’s coverage.

At Lunova Insurance, our experienced business insurance agents can help you determine if adding umbrella business coverage makes sense for your company.


Commercial Umbrella Insurance FAQ


Below are some Lunova Insurance commonly asked questions from Massachusetts small-business owners regarding commercial umbrella insurance policy coverage.

Commercial umbrella insurance in ma ct fl md nc & in


Why do I need commercial umbrella insurance?


You may be asking one of the most common questions small businessowners in Massachusetts often ask,  “why do i need commercial umbrella insurance“? Speak with a licensed commercial umbrella insurance agent at Lunova Insurance by contacting us, requesting a commercial umbrella insurance quote, or calling an agent at 1-508-258-7195 today to discuss your business’s commercial umbrella insurance needs today.


Are umbrella policies really necessary?


Commercial umbrella insurance policies are generally consistent optional coverage. However, if  you are in certain business segments like building, umbrella policies will be required by larger companies.

Commercial umbrella insurance adds an additional layer of protection to your liability by covering any costs beyond your existing liability coverage limits. Commercial umbrella insurance is a complement to your existing liability coverages, taking over when your liability coverage limits are exhausted.


Commercial Umbrella Liability Coverage Example:

If your company is held liable for the injury of a customer at your business, and you are sued for $1.5 million, but your currently general liability insurance policy is for only $1 million in liability coverage.

A commercial umbrella policy could help make up the $500,000 gap, subject to the policy coverage limits. Most small business owners I know really want to protect, not only their company, but their own assets as well.


Commercial umbrella insurance cost


A $1 million coverage commercial umbrella policy can be as low as a few hundred dollars per year.

Umbrella insurance cannot be used as a standalone policy.

It must be bundled with other liability coverages such as general liability insurance, which is the most expensive.


Options for commercial liability insurance


There are many endorsements available that may be suitable for your business, such as:

Non-owned and hired auto liability insurance that covers employees who rent or use their cars for business purposes.


Employee lawsuit insurance.


Directors and Officers Liability Insurance covers defense costs and damages against directors and officers.

Liquor insurance protects you from injury claims if alcohol is consumed during your business operations.

Fire legal responsibility insurance provides coverage in case you are held liable for a fire that occurs in the space you occupy or rent.

Visit our Business Liability Insurance page for more information.


When do small businesses need commercial umbrella insurance?


Commercial umbrella insurance is often needed by business owners to meet a contract that exceeds standard policy limits.

Extra coverage is available for high-value lawsuits with commercial umbrella insurance. Commercial umbrella insurance can be used to provide additional funds for those who owe money in damages if your general liability policy covers only a portion of a covered case.

In particular, umbrella liability insurance is a way to supplement your coverage. Your General Liability Insurance. Your Employer’s liability insurance (often part of workers’ compensation).


Non-owned and hired auto insurance (HNOA).


An insurer will require that you have sufficient coverage to cover umbrella liability insurance. If a client contract required that a general liability policy be purchased with a $5,000,000 per-occurrence, this would be an example.


What is a commercial umbrella policy?


An umbrella policy for commercial purposes increases your liability coverage and provides additional payouts to help you cover large claims. This insurance can protect your company against any liability claim.


What are the commercial umbrella limits?


If your business has exhausted the limits of its underlying coverages (General Liability, Commercial Auto and Employers’ Liability), umbrella policies may provide additional coverage up to several millions dollars.


Can a Commercial umbrella insurance cover property damage?


No. It’s unfortunate, but umbrella insurance is only available to liability policies and not property insurance.


Does umbrella insurance cover commercial general liability?


What is commercial umbrella insurance? Commercial umbrella insurance is added coverage that covers liability claims arising from general liability, commercial auto or employer’s liability insurance after a policy’s limit has been reached.


What does a business umbrella cover?


An umbrella policy provides additional coverage for liability. This policy can be used to cover injuries to others and damage to their property. This does not include damage to your home, car, or personal possessions.

What’s a commercial package policy?


A commercial package policy (CPP), is exactly what it sounds. It’s a combination of several commercial policies. A commercial package policy covers two or more coverages, such as commercial property and commercial general liabilities, business crime and equipment breakdown.

Does the umbrella cover employers’ liability?


Yes, the employer’s liability coverage is included. Umbrellas offer additional protection against catastrophic lawsuits. Umbrellas are used to protect your business from liability beyond the limits of certain policies, such as auto liability, employers’ liability, and business liability.

What does a $5 Million Dollar umbrella policy cost?


An average $5 million umbrella policy will cost between $375 and $525 annually. The premium for umbrella insurance will differ from one policyholder to another. For example, people with more vehicles or property will have a higher premium, and those who are more likely to be sued will have a lower premium.

What does the deductible for a commercial liability umbrella insurance policy mean?

The deductible can range anywhere from $500 to $10,000. This deductible is also known as a Self-Insured Retention or SIR.

Does umbrella coverage cover officers and directors?


No. Directors and officers are not covered by commercial umbrella insurance policies.

The umbrella policy covers bodily injury as well as property damage. A lawsuit must be brought by someone who has been injured or property that has been damaged. A personal umbrella policy might be necessary for a Board member. It will not cover you for the same things as directors and officers insurance.

What are the benefits of a commercial package insurance policy?


A package policy for commercial purposes allows businesses to choose a flexible way to get insurance coverage. CPP may be advantageous for businesses as it allows them to pay lower premiums than if they had purchased separate policies for each risk.

Does umbrella cover cyber?


What is the coverage of Umbrella and Excess liability insurance? It can cover all things. Commercial auto insurance can be used to cover all of the requirements for a commercial policy. Cyber liability insurance can be used to cover all aspects of cyber liability. “Learn more about protecting your business with cyber liability insurance at Lunova insurance“.

What is the difference between excess and umbrella insurance?

There are important differences between excess and umbrella liability insurance. The former provides additional coverage limits for an underlying policy while the latter expands coverage to cover claims and losses beyond its original scope.

What Is Excess Liability Insurance? What’s the Difference between Umbrella and Excess Insurance?

There are important differences between excess and umbrella liability insurance. The former provides additional coverage limits for an underlying policy while the latter expands coverage to cover claims and losses beyond its original scope.

The terms of your underlying insurance policy do not change, but excess insurance provides additional limits.

Umbrella insurance can be a broad type of excess insurance that can also cover situations not covered by the underlying policy.

Can my company add an insured to a commercial umbrella insurance policy?

The umbrella policy will automatically cover additional insureds that are added to the “underlying” insurance. If additional coverage is required by contract for an insured, the umbrella policy will pay only the amount required by contract less any payments made under the underlying liability coverage.

What are the main components of the commercial package policy?

In 1986, the Insurance Services Office (ISO), started the commercial package policy (CPP). Each policy has three elements: the cover page and the common policy conditions.

It is important that you include details on the declaration page. This provides visual information about the coverages available to a business depending on their needs. While some businesses might not require certain parts of the package for their specific needs, all elements are available for potential insureds to choose from. The package could include boiler and machinery as well as capital assets program, boiler and machinery, commercial general liability and commercial inland maritime. It may also include commercial property, crime, fidelity, employment-related practice liability, farm liability and liquor liability.

Which one of the following types insurance is most commonly found in a package policy for commercial customers?

A commercial package policy can be used to provide insurance coverage for large businesses. This policy can include coverage for liability, automobiles and crime.

What’s the main difference between the policy for business owners and the policy for commercial packages?

A businessowner’s policy comes prepackaged, while a commercial package policy does not. This is one of the differences that may be most noticeable. A BOP is exactly what you get. Pre-fixed policies offer some coverage for property, liability and business interruption.

Which line of insurance cannot be included in a commercial package policy?

Commercial packages cannot include directors and officers liability insurance. Most insurance policies that are offered as employee benefits must be purchased separately from a CPP. These policies include life, health, and disability insurance.

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