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Condo Master Insurance Policy in Massachusetts

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Massachusetts Condo Master Insurance


There are many things to consider when it comes to condominium insurance. It is important to protect common areas and the exterior of the building. It can be difficult to find the right coverage at an affordable price. Lunova can help you design a policy that suits your needs and best suits your situation.


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What is Condo Master Insurance?


Condo master insurance is also known as condo association insurance. It protects the exterior of the building and sometimes a portion of its interior. It provides coverage for injuries and accidents that may occur in common areas.

While a master policy is helpful in maintaining the common areas of a condominium complex, it does not mean that each unit owner needs to have their own insurance. Condominium owners are at risk just like homeowners. However, they might have different insurance requirements based on the coverage provided by the master policy.

These policies only cover the condo structure and buildings, not individual units. This policy is intended to cover the common areas shared by unit owners, but it does not protect individual units. Unit owners will need their own insurance to protect personal property.

The homeowner’s association (HOA), or condo board, will typically hold the condo association insurance policy. This protects all unit owners. It can be used to cover any liability or damage that might arise in the condo’s common areas. This policy allows tenants to determine the coverage they require for homeowner’s insurance.

It is important to understand why I need it.

Condominium unit owners do not have insurance policies that cover the exterior of their building, or liability coverage in the event of an accident in common areas. This coverage is often required by lenders to each condo unit as a clause in the mortgage.

Co-op and condominium associations must protect the interests of both unit owners and the association by providing property and liability coverage. A condo master policy, unlike most other insurance policies is administered by the condominium association and not the unit owners.

No matter how many condo owners reside in a particular complex, the association must obtain a master insurance policy that covers the building in the event of a disaster or loss. As a collective insurance policy, the master policy covers all unit owners’ risks. It is required to be kept by the association.


What does it specifically cover?


This type of insurance typically offers three levels of coverage for property.


Bare Walls-In Coverage


The condo’s exterior framing, as well as any structures or properties within it, is what the bare walls-in policy covers. It does not include interior fixtures, lighting, and other installations in the condo building. This policy is the least comprehensive and may require unit owners to buy additional condo insurance for their personal property.


Single entity coverage


One-entity coverage includes the basic elements of each unit, such as walls and floors, roofs, roofs, and standard furnishings. This coverage does not include any personal property or upgrades. These items will need to be covered by personal condo insurance.


All-In Insurance


The condo’s interior is covered by the all-in policy. This includes any fixtures, installations and additions to the floors or walls. This policy may also include built-in appliances and improvements at the owner’s cost.

This policy provides more coverage than the other types and is therefore less expensive for owners of individual units. Condo owners will need to insure their personal property only if they have an all-in policy.

Apart from property coverage, the master insurance policy for condo associations also provides liability insurance to protect them from possible lawsuits. General liability coverage may be used to cover legal or medical expenses for injuries and accidents within the condominium complex. This coverage is especially important for condos with amenities such as pools and fitness centers that can cause bodily injury.

Master condo insurance in Massachusetts can be purchased with optional enhancements or additions, just like other types of insurance.


Property Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance: This covers loss or damage to personal property (everything else) and real property (land, buildings, and buildings). A deductible must be paid when a claim is filed.

Buildings and business personal property: This coverage covers the actual building, any additions or modifications, as well as permanent fixtures and equipment.

Employee dishonesty coverage: This optional coverage covers financial and property loss due employees’ fraudulent acts

Inland Marine Insurance: This optional coverage covers property in transit, property of others left under your care, contractor’s equipment and any other property that is not normally found at a fixed place.


General Liability


Commercial General Liability Insurance: This coverage covers bodily injury and property damage that you are legally responsible for. You may be protected against personal injury, advertising injury, medical expenses and accidents that occur on or off the premises. Legal defense costs could also be covered.

Medical payments: The insured is not liable for any medical expenses incurred as a result of an accident on the premises.

Fire Damage Limit: This coverage covers fire damage to rented properties that is caused by negligence of the insured.

Commercial umbrella: This extra layer of coverage covers excess liability beyond what is provided by your underlying policies. For umbrella coverage to be valid, underlying policies must still be in effect.

Directors and officers liability: This optional coverage covers high-ranking employees and trustees from claims by stockholders, employees and clients.


Endorsements and Coverage Enhancements


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Common Questions about Condo Master Insurance

Find answers to Common Questions about Condo Master Insurance coverage with our independent insurance agents, at Lunova Insurance.


What is the cost of Condo Master Insurance?


Many factors are involved in determining the cost of insurance policies, including:


What does Condo Association Insurance cover?


It covers common areas shared by multiple owners, including outdoor spaces like parks, swimming pools, parking lots and walkways, as well as indoor spaces such as a gym, event area, and the association’s offices. Master security policies may not provide the same coverage as other policies. While some policies provide coverage for the entire unit, employees dishonesty and sewer/water backup, others cover only shared areas.


What is Walls in Coverage?


This optional coverage, sometimes called All-in is designed to protect the interior surfaces of the units. This coverage includes fixtures and installations, and may extend to include built-in appliances. Instead, coverage for bare walls covers the structure of the building and excludes individual units.


What are the Possessions Covered by the Master Policy?


This condo master policy does not include owners’ possessions. A master policy typically covers fixtures and built-in appliances that are permanently installed, as well as machinery that is maintained the premises.

Do I have to pay a deductible when I file a claim?

A master policy usually has a deductible which is split among all condo owners. The cost of your premium is directly affected by the amount of your deductibles, which usually start at $500.


What is the cost of master condo insurance in Massachusetts?


All unit owners in Massachusetts share condo insurance. This means that deductibles are shared among them. The cost of condominium insurance will depend on many factors, including the coverage required by the bylaws, type of building and location.

The cost of a general master policy that covers $1 million to $2,000,000 can be anywhere from $684 to $948 per year. This price will vary depending on where you live and what your state is. It’s best to contact one of our independent agents to get a more precise condo master quote.


Why Lunova?

When choosing a rental insurer, there are three things you should consider: their financial strength, customer service, and value for money. All three of these attributes are important to us. Lunova Insurance is the best insurance company in the world, with the best policies and the most affordable prices.

Learn more about condo master insurance policies

Condo unit owners can protect themselves from possible risks by purchasing a condo master insurance policy. To learn more about condominium insurance, contact us today. Our agents are available to answer any questions you may have, give you a quote or help build an insurance package that suits your budget and needs.


Lunova Insurance “Master Condo Insurance Coverage”

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Business and personal insurance agents at lunova insurance
Business and personal insurance agents at lunova insurance

“Lunova’s Specialty Insurance for Truckers & Trucking Business Master Condo Insurance Coverage”


You can find our specialty coverage options for truck drivers at Lunova Insurance. Learn more about “Lunova New Small Business & Commercial Truck Insurance” and get great rates today in MA CT & RI today at Lunova Insurance!


We offer customized Commercial Trucking Insurance that can be adjusted based on the needs of your clients.


Some of our popular trucking target classes are –

1. Business Commercial Auto (general business use)
2. Airport Bus Service
3. Black Car Service
4. Buses – All Types
5. Long-haul Trucking
6. Rideshare
7. School Busses
8. Taxi Cabs
9. Auto Fleets
10. Limousines/Black Cars

Lunova Company Options for Commercial Trucking Insurance Master Condo Insurance Coverages

  1. Commercial Auto/Trucking Liability.
  2. Physical Damage for Trucks.
  3. Commercial Truck Master Condo Insurance Coverage
  4. Drive Away Master Condo Insurance Coverage
  5. Stand-alone “Hired and Non-Hired Auto” (or Hired And Non Owned Auto Insurance)
  6. Inland marine form covering loss of property in the course of transit (or Motor Truck Cargo Insurance).
  7. “How to Meet Amazon’s  Truck Driver
  8.  New Operators Master Condo Insurance Coverage
  9.  Excess or commercial liability coverage available

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  2. Berkshire County MA
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  16. Tolland County CT
  17. Litchfield County CT
  18. Windham County CT
  19. “New Haven County CT”
  20. “Hartford County CT”
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  22. “Carroll County MD”
  23. “Harford County MD”
  24. “St. Mary’s County MD”
  25. “Anne Arundel County MD”
  26. “Cecil County MD”
  27. “Howard County MD”
  28. “Somerset County MD”
  29. “Baltimore City MD”
  30. “Charles County MD”
  31. “Kent County MD”
  32. “Talbot County MD”
  33. “Baltimore County MD”
  34. “Dorchester County MD”
  35. “Montgomery County MD”
  36. “Washington County MD”
  37. “Calvert County MD”
  38. “Frederick County MD”
  39. “Prince George’s County MD”
  40. “Wicomico County MD”
  41. “Caroline County MD”
  42. “Garrett County MD”
  43. “Queen Anne’s County MD”
  44. “Worcester County MD”
  45. “Alachua County FL”
  46. “Baker County FL”
  47. “Bay County FL”
  48. “Bradford County FL”
  49. “Brevard County FL”
  50. “Broward County FL”
  51. “Calhoun County FL”
  52. “Charlotte County FL”
  53. “Citrus County FL”
  54. “Clay County FL”
  55. “Collier County FL”
  56. “Columbia County FL”
  57. “DeSoto County FL”
  58. “Dixie County FL”
  59. “Duval County FL”
  60. “Escambia County FL”
  61. “Flagler County FL”
  62. “Franklin County FL”
  63. “Gadsden County FL”
  64. “Gilchrist County FL”
  65. “Glades County FL”
  66. “Gulf County FL”
  67. “Hamilton County FL”
  68. “Hardee County FL”
  69. “Hendry County FL”
  70. “Hernando County FL”
  71. “Highlands County FL”
  72. “Hillsborough County FL”
  73. “Holmes County FL”
  74. “Indian River County FL”
  75. “Jackson County FL”
  76. “Jefferson County FL”
  77. “Lafayette County FL”
  78. “Lake County FL”
  79. “Lee County FL”
  80. “Leon County FL”
  81. “Levy County FL”
  82. “Liberty County FL”
  83. “Madison County FL”
  84. “Manatee County FL”
  85. “Marion County FL”
  86. “Martin County FL”
  87. “Miami-Dade County FL”
  88. “Monroe County FL”
  89. “Nassau County FL”
  90. “Okaloosa County FL”
  91. “Okeechobee County FL”
  92. “Orange County FL”
  93. “Osceola County FL”
  94. “Palm Beach County FL”
  95. “Pasco County FL”
  96. “Pinellas County FL”
  97. “Polk County FL”
  98. “Putnam County FL”
  99. “Santa Rosa County FL”
  100. “Sarasota County FL”
  101. “Seminole County FL”
  102. “St. Johns County FL”
  103. “St. Lucie County FL”
  104. “Sumter County FL”
  105. “Suwannee County FL”
  106. “Taylor County FL”
  107. “Union County FL”
  108. “Volusia County FL”
  109. “Wakulla County FL”
  110. “Walton County FL”
  111. “Washington County FL”
  112. “Adams County IN”
  113. “Allen County IN”
  114. “Barthoomew County IN”
  115. “Benton County IN”
  116. “Blackford County IN”
  117. “Boone County IN”
  118. “Brown County IN”
  119. “Carroll County IN”
  120. “Cass County IN”
  121. “Clark County IN”
  122. “Clay County IN”
  123. “Clinton County IN”
  124. “Crawford County IN”
  125. “Daviess County IN”
  126. “De Kalb County IN”
  127. “Dearborn County IN”
  128. “Decatur County IN”
  129. “Delaware County IN”
  130. “Dubois County IN”
  131. “Elkhart County IN”
  132. “Fayette County IN”
  133. “Floyd County IN”
  134. “Fountain County IN”
  135. “Franklin County IN”
  136. “Fulton County IN”
  137. “Gibson County IN”
  138. “Grant County IN”
  139. “Greene County IN”
  140. “Hamilton County IN”
  141. “Hancock County IN”
  142. “Harrison County IN”
  143. “Hendricks County IN”
  144. “Henry County IN”
  145. “Howard County IN”
  146. “Huntington County IN”
  147. “Jackson County IN”
  148. “Jasper County IN”
  149. “Jay County IN”
  150. “Jefferson County IN”
  151. “Jennings County IN”
  152. “Johnson County IN”
  153. “Knox County IN”
  154. “Koscuisko County IN”
  155. “Lagrange County IN”
  156. “Lake County IN”
  157. “LaPorte County IN”
  158. “Lawrence County IN”
  159. “Madison County IN”
  160. “Marion County IN”
  161. “Marshall County IN”
  162. “Martin County IN”
  163. “Miami County IN”
  164. “Monroe County IN”
  165. “Montgomery County IN”
  166. “Morgan County IN”
  167. “Newton County IN”
  168. “Noble County IN”
  169. “Ohio County IN”
  170. “Orange County IN”
  171. “Owen County IN”
  172. “Parke County IN”
  173. “Perry County IN”
  174. “Pike County IN”
  175. “Porter County IN”
  176. “Posey County IN”
  177. “Pulaski County IN”
  178. “Putnam County IN”
  179. “Randolph County IN”
  180. “Ripley County IN”
  181. “Rush County IN”
  182. “Saint Joseph County IN”
  183. “Scott County IN”
  184. “Shelby County IN”
  185. “Spencer County IN”
  186. “Starke County IN”
  187. “Steuben County IN”
  188. “Sullivan County IN”
  189. “Switzerland County IN”
  190. “Tippeconoe County IN”
  191. “Tipton County IN”
  192. “Union County IN”
  193. “Vanderburgh County IN”
  194. “Vermillion County IN”
  195. “Vigo County IN”
  196. “Wabash County IN”
  197. “Warren County IN”
  198. “Warrick County IN”
  199. “Washington County IN”
  200. “Wayne County IN”
  201. “Wells County IN”
  202. “White County IN”
  203. “Whitley County IN”
  204. “Alamance County NC”
  205. “Alexander County NC”
  206. “Alleghany County NC”
  207. “Anson County NC”
  208. “Ashe County NC”
  209. “Avery County NC”
  210. “Beaufort County NC”
  211. “Bertie County NC”
  212. “Bladen County NC”
  213. “Brunswick County NC”
  214. “Buncombe County NC”
  215. “Burke County NC”
  216. “Cabarrus County NC”
  217. “Caldwell County NC”
  218. “Camden County NC”
  219. “Carteret County NC”
  220. “Caswell County NC”
  221. “Catawba County NC”
  222. “Chatham County NC”
  223. “Cherokee County NC”
  224. “Chowan County NC”
  225. “Clay County NC”
  226. “Cleveland County NC”
  227. “Columbus County NC”
  228. “Craven County NC”
  229. “Cumberland County NC”
  230. “Currituck County NC”
  231. “Dare County NC”
  232. “Davidson County NC”
  233. “Davie County NC”
  234. “Duplin County NC”
  235. “Durham County NC”
  236. “Edgecombe County NC”
  237. “Forsyth County NC”
  238. “Franklin County NC”
  239. “Gaston County NC”
  240. “Gates County NC”
  241. “Graham County NC”
  242. “Granville County NC”
  243. “Greene County NC”
  244. “Guilford County NC”
  245. “Halifax County NC”
  246. “Harnett County NC”
  247. “Haywood County NC”
  248. “Henderson County NC”
  249. “Hertford County NC”
  250. “Hoke County NC”
  251. “Hyde County NC”
  252. “Iredell County NC”
  253. “Jackson County NC”
  254. “Johnston County NC”
  255. “Jones County NC”
  256. “Lee County NC”
  257. “Lenoir County NC”
  258. “Lincoln County NC”
  259. “Macon County NC”
  260. “Madison County NC”
  261. “Martin County NC”
  262. “McDowell County NC”
  263. “Mecklenburg County NC”
  264. “Mitchell County NC”
  265. “Montgomery County NC”
  266. “Moore County NC”
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  269. “Northampton County NC”
  270. “Onslow County NC”
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  272. “Pamlico County NC”
  273. “Pasquotank County NC”
  274. “Pender County NC”
  275. “Perquimans County NC”
  276. “Person County NC”
  277. “Pitt County NC”
  278. “Polk County NC”
  279. “Randolph County NC”
  280. “Richmond County NC”
  281. “Robeson County NC”
  282. “Rockingham County NC”
  283. “Rowan County NC”
  284. “Rutherford County NC”
  285. “Sampson County NC”
  286. “Scotland County NC”
  287. “Stanly County NC”
  288. “Stokes County NC”
  289. “Surry County NC”
  290. “Swain County NC”
  291. “Transylvania County NC”
  292. “Tyrrell County NC”
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  294. “Vance County NC”
  295. “Wake County NC”
  296. “Warren County NC”
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  298. “Watauga County NC”
  299. “Wayne County NC”
  300. “Wilkes County NC”
  301. “Wilson County NC”
  302. “Yadkin County NC”
  303. “Yancey County NC”

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