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Lunova Insurance “Life Insurance Coverage in Massachusetts”

Lunova Insurance, a local & independent life insurance agency, is committed to finding you the best insurance coverage for whole life or term life insurance near our office Marlborough.

Our Lunova Life Insurance agents work “Exclusively with Ethos Life Insurance in MA“.

Find local life insurance specialist & agents that can help you compare & shop your policy life policy today! Your new rates for life insurance are rising in 2022 & 2023!

It’s smart to lock in lower rates before the “Federal Reserve” raises interest rates again, causing rates and premiums for Life Insurance increase.

You can save money in 2022 with Life Insurance policy rates, premiums & quotes with our “ETHOS LIFE INSURANCE” agents at Lunova.

Find better “Life Insurance coverage near you” with our office in Massachusetts today and get started working with a local life insurance specialist for your life insurance.


Local life insurance agents in marlboro, mass at lunova insurance
Local life insurance agents in marlboro, mass at lunova insurance

“Lunova’s Massachusetts’ Life Insurance Coverage”

Get A Quote and secure Life coverage today! Explore options for your “TERM or WHOLE” life insurance policy at Lunova Insurance. Learn more about “how much life insurance you can afford” with this great online Life Insurance calculator.


Term life insurance

It is what it is and how does it work.

Term life insurance is the most affordable and straightforward option for life insurance. It covers you for a specific “term”, usually between 10 and 30 years. Your beneficiaries will receive cash payments if you die during your term.

If you are:

What is the difference between whole-life and term insurance?

The name is the key. Term life insurance pays premiums to cover you for the “term” of your policy. If the policy is not renewed within the timeframe, it will expire. Whole-life insurance is a policy that can cover you for your entire life, provided that the premiums are current. The policy may also allow for the accumulation of cash value. For the same benefit amount, premiums can cost up to 15 times as a term policy.

If you are looking for affordable coverage to replace income lost during a difficult period such as when raising children or paying off your mortgage, term life might be a good choice. For those in difficult financial situations, or for someone who wants the security of lifelong coverage, whole life insurance is an option.

You can trust
Established life insurance companies such as “Legal & General America and Ameritas Life Insurance Corp., Senior Life and TruStage® back our policies.
Life insurance has a terrible “process”. It “takes too long”. That’s why, at Lunova, we have “Ethos Life” who has “shortened the application process” by combining Ethos’ simplified application with their coverage.
“This is a significant improvement over traditional applications that can take weeks”. 
You get the reliability of major insurers with the convenience of modern technology with Ethos

Why buy with Lunova & Ethos

  1. Expert advice
  2. Flexible coverage
  3. It’s fast and easy (no need for medical exams).
  4. Free-look, money-back guarantee

Simplified Issue vs. fully Underwritten

Ethos offers term insurance policies that include both fully underwritten and simplified issue options. Learn the difference and what it means to you.

Simplified Issue:

Our term policies are often simplified issue. This means that the application process and underwriting decisions for most of our policies can be made instantly using only third-party data. The applicant’s answers to any health questions in the application. There is no need for a medical exam.


Fully Underwritten:

At, through our insurtech partner “Ethos Life Insurance“, we are able to help you find “fully underwritten term policies” which are also available. This is a traditional method, which historically requires a complete application as well as a medical exam. Ethos simplifies the process by removing the need for a medical exam, but it does require health questions to determine the premium level.



What is a policy?

Your beneficiaries will ultimately decide how to spend the cash payout. Many people choose to cover the following:

What are the claims and payouts for policy policies?

Your beneficiaries can usually file a claim to receive a cash payment. Your beneficiary can file a claim with the insurance company if you die while your coverage remains in effect. The carrier will then issue the death benefit payout. Your beneficiary will receive an untaxed lump-sum payment equal to the policy’s death benefit, unless there are any other complications. If you buy $1 million of coverage, your beneficiary will get a lump-sum payment of $1 million that is tax-free.


Are there any chances that the payout will not be made?

Underwriting may deny payment of a claim if it is found that certain parts of the application were not truthful or if the claim stems from suicide death within the first two year of the policy’s inception.

What happens after my term ends?

You have several options if you don’t pass away during your term.

Have more questions?

You can find the answers to your local Massachusetts life insurance-related questions at our partners section for “Life Insurance FAQ” with the Ethos FAQ.


How to buy a policy


Select coverage

Select the policy that is right for you. Ethos provides a variety of coverage options and terms length options so that you can tailor your coverage to meet your needs.



Apply online

Once you have chosen your life insurance plan, simply fill out our online application. It is easy, quick, and takes only about 10 minutes.


Activate your coverage

After your application has been submitted, we will process your information and give you a fast (sometimes instantaneous) decision about your coverage eligibility and rate. Once your application is approved, you will be able to activate your coverage immediately.


In Massachusetts, where can I find life insurance?

Find low rates in Massachusetts for term or whole life insurance online or at our local office by contacting a life insurance agent at Lunova Insurance!

We offer life insurance products & quotes in the following areas of MA:


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We offer customizable Life Insurance that can be adjusted based on your policy needs:


Non-Life Insurance Lunova Insurance Company “Coverage by State & County”

Find Lunova Insurance life insurance coverage “in Massachusetts ONLY”. Lunova Insurance does offer other great insurance products you can discover online for Coverage & Insurance online (with Lunova Insurance) Agency Products, Services, Quotes & Coverage today.

Shop different company premiums and rates and find great policy options in the “states we offer insurance coverage“. Speak with a Lunova Insurance  agent by telephone (1-508-258-7195) and get personalized State, County, and Local Estimates/Rates for your insurance.



Explore personal lines policy options for auto, home, & condo insurance in MA, CT, NC, MD & IN.

Lunova insurance coverage (ma fl ct nc md in)

Learn more online about our Lunova Insurance Quotes for business insurance and commercial lines insurance for” general liability policies, Commercial Truck Drivers, “BOP’s & Insurance Packages” that include “Business Equipment Coverage“, cheaper commercial auto, better commercial property & business building insurance, & “insurance for condominium associationsin FL, MA, CT, NC, MD & IN.

    Lunova’s Personal & Commercial Lines Company Coverage Options & Services:

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    Lunova Insurance agents specialize in “finding low-cost insurance options for commercial and small business insurance for companies located in MA, FL, NC, IN, MD & CT”. (Lunova Business Insurance Quotes for AUTO, GL, PROPERTY, BOP, or WC insurance may be requested online).


    Lunova Insurance Coverage by Insurance Company Coverage-Type

    Find our “Coverage by Insurance Company” & get insurance coverage with cheap or affordable quotes.

    Find the best policies options today with these great insurance providers that partner with Lunova Insurance today!


    Learn about our local area agency for “Business or Commercial Insurance in Massachusetts” with Lunova #smallbusinessagents at the “Lunova Insurance agency headquartered in Marlborough MA“. Find direction on Google or Waze or set up a 1-on-1 appointment with a local agent online.

    Massachusetts Business and Commercial Insurance Costs, Quotes & Requirements

    Lunova local Massachusetts Business & Commercial insurance agents (at Lunova Insurancecan help you find new commercial insurance coverage with lower costs, with business insurance quotes, that meet state (Massachusetts) requirements and provide you with the specific business coverage you need.


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    Lunova Insurance Agency’s Term & Whole Life Insurance Quotes

    Book an appointment with a Lunova “LIFE” Insurance agent on “Calendy” and we’ll be happy to sit down and find a time to help you discuss life insurance company quotes and coverage options.

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