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Guide for small businesses on workers’ compensation insurance


Workers’ compensation insurance is also known as workers’ comp. It covers medical expenses and a portion lost wages for employees who are injured or become ill while on the job. The coverage also covers employee rehabilitation and death benefits.


What is the working principle of workers’ compensation insurance?


Employers must comply with the workers’ compensation laws of each state. These regulations ensure that employers cover the costs of occupational injuries and illnesses caused by work, regardless of negligence.


Only employees can receive benefits if the injury or illness is related to their job or employment. Workers’ compensation insurance can cover injuries from lifting heavy equipment, slips on wet or oily surfaces, and injury caused by fires or explosions.


Workers’ compensation insurance will not cover an employee who isn’t performing within their job’s scope and gets hurt, like playing football with friends on a holiday.


Who has workers’ compensation insurance?


Nearly every state requires workers’ compensation insurance. There are some worker exemptions, so make sure to check with your state.

Your business is at risk if you choose to forgo workers’ compensation coverage. You could be sued for workplace injuries and also face fines for violating the law.

Workers’ compensation insurance covers not only you, but also your small business. If your insurance is in compliance with state law, employees who have received benefits cannot sue you for injuries or wages lost.

However, they can sue you for items that aren’t covered by your workers’ comp section of your policy. Your policy also includes employer’s liability insurance to cover legal fees and court costs if you are involved in a lawsuit.


What is the cost of workers’ compensation insurance?


The national average monthly cost of workers’ compensation insurance was $78 per month, or $936 per year for an employee. This is an average and is expected to rise in 2022 & 2023 due to inflationary costs. Rates will vary depending on the characteristics of your business, including state, payroll history and claims history.

These and other factors can impact the cost of workers’ compensation. You can also request a quote online or call us to speak with an agent in-house who can assist you in finding coverage.


Lunova: How to obtain workers’ compensation insurance


Lunova Insurance provides workers compensation insurance coverage in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Maryland, and North Carolina. Workers comp coverage and policy quotes are available online or by telephone 1-508-258-7195.

Local small business insurance specialist at Lunova are able to provide workers’ compensation insurance in in Massachusetts, Florida Florida Connecticut Maryland North Carolina North Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina, North Carolina, or Indiana.

A wide variety of businesses can get the workers’ compensation coverage they need through our agency. Online quotes are available. You can also call us to talk with a licensed agent about your company’s coverage options.

For WC insurance coverage contact a Lunova worker’s compensation insurance specialist to get local insurance company quotes, rates and policies.

For more information on workers’ compensation in your state, visit your state’s Workers Compensation division.

  • Massachusetts (Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements)
  • Florida (Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements)
  • Connecticut (Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements)
  • North Carolina (Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements)
  • Indiana (Workers’ Compensation Insurance Requirements)


Common workers’ compensation insurance questions

Below are some frequent and common questions small business owners have regarding workers compensation requirements and coverage.


What does workers’ compensation not cover?


Workers’ compensation doesn’t cover injuries outside the workplace. According to AMTrust Financial, “Intentional acts: When a worker intentionally causes their workplace injuries or illnesses, they are not covered under a Workers’ Comp insuran

ce policy. Illegal activities: Employee injuries due to illegal activities at the worksite are not covered by an organization’s Workers’ Compensation insurance policy.”

Who is covered under workers’ compensation?


The cost of workers’ compensation varies depending on the location where you operate. Some states may not cover seasonal workers or certain types of workers. We can help answer any questions about your state coverage by calling 1-508-258-7195.


Do a sole proprietors need to have a workers’ compensation?


It is not often you run into situations or states where you are required to carry a WC as a sole proprietor. Laws regarding workers compensation are state-specific and vary from one state to the next, most states do not require sole proprietors of workers’ comp.


Is workers’ compensation available to contractors and volunteers?


Contractors and volunteers may be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits depending on their state. We can answer any questions about workers’ compensation in your state. Call us at 1-508-258-7195


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