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Professional Liability Insurance by Profession

Find low cost policy options in Massachusetts, Florida, Connecticut, North Carolina, Indiana, & Maryland with our Lunova insurance agents’ “Professional Liability Insurance by Profession type”. You can contact us or request a quote online to get started with a quote for your professional liability today!

  1. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Attorneys”
  2. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Doctors”
  3. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Teachers”
  4. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Therapists and Counselors”
  5. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Physical and Occupational Therapists”
  6. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Insurance Agents & Brokers”
  7. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Relators & Real Estate Agents”
  8. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Contractors”
  9. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Brokers”
  10. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Accountants”
  11. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Dentist”
  12. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Agricultural consultants” 
  13. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Education consultants”
  14. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Research consultants”
  15. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for HR consultants”
  16. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for IT consultants”
  17. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Management consultants”
  18. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Marketing consultants”
  19. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Search Engine Optimization & SEO consultants”
  20. “Lunova Professional Liability Insurance for Telecom consultants”

Did you know that Professional liability policies typically provides up to $1,000,000 in coverage that “includes legal defense costs”?.

“Looking for Professional Liability Insurance Coverage in Massachusetts or Florida?”? Find our Professional Liability Insurance companies near you with Lunova Insurance agents. Agents that can help you find “professional liability coverage and policy quotes in Florida & Massachusetts”.

Professional liability insurance ma fl ct in nc md
Find our lunova professional liability insurance near you in ma fl ct in nc & md.

All You Need To Know About Professional Liability Insurance

Small business owners need to have a variety of insurance policies. Professional liability insurance is a must-have for many small businesses.

Liability insurance, also known as errors and omissions (E&O) insurance, covers your business in the event of a lawsuit resulting from errors in services rendered.

Imagine that you are a photographer taking photos at weddings, and your camera is stolen. Or perhaps you are a local Massachusetts CPA or Tax Accounting Business and you “file a tax return on behalf of an accounting client” and later the client get audited by IRS. This shows that you made “potentially” serious errors in your preparation.

This is why when you do business, “You have professional liability insurance”. It’s proper risk management to make sure you’re able to “stay in business” in the event “something goes wrong during the course of your professional work”. If you didn’t have a professional liability insurance policy, you will likely be forced to seek bankruptcy protection due to the “Legal Costs, Liability & Damages” if you don’t have professional liability insurance.

This insurance coverage is essential if you own a business offering any type of professional service, such as an agency, consulting company, financial firm, legal or legal practice, construction company or board of directors. Everyone makes mistakes. But if you make errors in your business, it can be a target for litigation. ]

What’s professional liability insurance?

Travelers Insurance’s current Managing Director, Maureen Le Pianee “was the senior vice president” of “Small Business and portfolio Underwriting” for our Lunova Insurance company, Hiscox America. She stated that “any business that is providing professional services to clients should have professional insurance.”

In the insurance industry, this professional policy coverage type is “also known as errors and omissions or malpractice insurance“.

This coverage is essential for everyone, from local SEOs to website & graphic art designers to mental health counsellors to real-estate agents.

These freelancers, contractors, & industry professionals make most of their income by providing services to clients (rather than a product or good being sold). “Professional liability covers the cost of defending legal claims against you for errors in services rendered.”

Brian Plain, licensed E&O Insurance agent for Lunova Insurance said that “With the cost for E&O Insurance policy coverage being so affordable, it’s the cost & “risk level” for not having a proper “Professional liability policy”  in place (to protect your business & personal assets) is massive”.

A large liability loss can cost your company thousands, or even millions. Lucas said that even if the suit is dismissed, it could still have a negative impact on your business’ reputation. Without this protection, your professional advice and services could cause harm to another person, such as causing an error or failing the service.

Your company could be subject to large-scale liability losses that can cost thousands, or even millions of dollars. Many business owners assume professional liability coverage is too expensive.

While “Lunova’s Malpractice Insurance for insurance for doctors, lawyers, architects, engineers and other high-earning professionals who work in riskier professions can be relatively expensive, most MA area small business owners can expect to pay less than $1,000 a year”.



Limitations on professional liability insurance

However, professional liability insurance does not cover “every situation or scenario”. Insurance companies are aware and “Liability policies for professionals do not typically cover intentional acts, fraud or dishonest or illegal acts or inadvertent delays“.

There are a few other misconceptions about professional liability insurance. Professional liability insurance does NOT cover employees who are hurt while on the job, slips and falls, business contents or injuries. Plain said that those types of work-place accidents are covered by a  either a company’s workers comp, general liability commercial policy, or your business owner’ policy.

Remember, your policy is subject to retroactivity and written on a “claims-made” basis. It’s good to know that “if a claim is brought against you for an event that occurred before the retroactive date in your policy, it will not be covered“.

“You want a retroactive date as far back as you can.” Your insurance company must be notified of the claim within the policy period.


Lunova’s Errors & Omissions Insurance Company Coverage, Policies & Quotes for E&O

Get a quote today with Lunova’s E&O Insurance Company Quotes for  Errors & Omissions Insurance.

Find a local agent near you today for Errors & Omissions Insurance (commonly called and referred to as “E&O Insurance“), Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (commonly referred and called “D&O Insurance“)  and learn more about our companies that provide top coverage with low rates for “Professional Liability Insurance”.

Lunova’s independent professional liability insurance agents offer Professional Liability Insurance:


Professional Liability Insurance

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Lunova Insurance Agency’s Local Insurance Quotes

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Massachusetts, find help getting better policy coverage with new company quotes at Lunova Insurance.

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About the Lunova Insurance Agency Resource Center

Learn more about our local MA Lunova Insurance Agency Resource Center for “Massachusetts’ area businesses, homeowners, drivers, and residents that own a home in a MA Flood Zone”

“Our Lunova Insurance Agency Products”

Learn more about the Lunova & our Insurance Agency Products online. Finding & Buying insurance online can make the entire process easier and faster than ever. Unfortunately, you “can’t generally buy commercial insurance online” but Lunova Insurance brings the best & fastest company insurance technologies directly to you finding you the best price and policy within minutes through “Insurtech companies” we represent like “Next Insurance“, “Biberk Insurance“, and “Coterie Insurance” you can find fast, simple, & affordable small business owners’ general liability, property, or business equipment insurance coverage with “Lunova Insurance” agents.

We looked at the best digital insurance companies to see which ones “would be the best fit” for new/small businesses, general contractors, contractors, roofers, plumbers, landscapers, HVAC,&  electricians in Massachusetts & Florida as the primary business insurance market.

Lunova Insurance is also available in Indiana, North Carolina, Maryland, & Connecticut as secondary business insurance markets for the Lunova Insurance agency.

Lunova Insurance offers more insurance products than are listed above. Contact us, or get a quote to learn how you can find even more insurance policy types (besides insurance for auto, home, business, flood, and life insurance) you can find cheap, affordable, and high quality policy and coverage options for products like, “vacant home, boat, watercraft, mobile home, and builders’ risk insurance policies” and more with licensed insurance agents.



Lunova Insurance Agency States we Cover & Insure

At Lunova Insurance, we offer policy and coverage options in the following states (price and quote availability varies by state and business class. Request an online insurance quote today or speak with an independent agent at Lunova Insurance and get a free quote by phone at 1-508-258-7195):


  1. Massachusetts
  2. Florida
  3. Connecticut
  4. Maryland
  5. Indiana
  6. North Carolina

Learn more about the different insurance companies and products we offer online and start finding lower rates with Lunova Insurance today!


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